Bloody Wether It’s Rotten Weather?!

Rain and winds batter the coast,

Somerset seems to be having the most.

As the news reports with convinced assertion.

The locals are experiencing incompetent Government


The country on the verge of collapse due to

the wind and rain.

Seems we repeat incompetence again and again and again.

Could be due to climate change or probably just the weather.

Either way, what we know, is that our leaders aren’t very clever.

Say What?

The sun’s been out,

not a cloud about.

What about my head?

It’s bloody red.

Basked like a fool,

to get a tan. So cool!

Now I’m burning to the core,

no bathing any more!

What can I say?

In England we pray.

So that we can be continental,

although we frazzle cause we’re mental.

Tomorrow we will complain,

that we need a little rain!

Then it will pour,

and then a little more.

We stand and bitch,

at the meteorological hitch.

That makes us desire,

for the great ball of fire.

That burns us to smithereens,

cause of our pallid genes.