Bloody Wether It’s Rotten Weather?!

Rain and winds batter the coast,

Somerset seems to be having the most.

As the news reports with convinced assertion.

The locals are experiencing incompetent Government


The country on the verge of collapse due to

the wind and rain.

Seems we repeat incompetence again and again and again.

Could be due to climate change or probably just the weather.

Either way, what we know, is that our leaders aren’t very clever.


You said?

When you moved in,

I thought we could begin,

to make a home and life.

But something changed,

that we hadn’t arranged,

and now I feel the strife.

It should be good,

loving as we should.

Together a couple to stand tall.

Instead it’s bad,

making me so sad.

And you don’t see it at all.

Time for us to talk,

or one of us must walk.

I’ll let you guess just who.

So let’s start again,

without the pain.

Or, inevitably we’ll be through.