Jeremy Kyle Show

I know it is rather sad of me, but I have found myself watching the Jeremy Kyle Show, (repeats as they appear). I know that he is a narcissistic ego maniac, yet this isn’t what irks me. I am saddened by the state of his subjects, guests or whatever he describes them as. Not at the triviality, banality of the issues raised, but by the underlying problems that these people seem to reflect.

 The people he attacks, dehumanises, vilifies and undermines are fodder for ratings. Yet surely they should be more than this? His exaggerations over the purported Lie Detector tests aside (I stand be my test one million percent) there seems to be no closure for these people. What social purpose can this ‘show’, I suppose Freak Show would be more appropriate, really serve? 

 As for Graham, the reported counsellor, he upsets me most. This individual is supposed to be a trained professional, as opposed to Jeremy, who would fail at the label of being a trained monkey, yet he allows, if not assists, in letting Right Wing Jeremy attack these poor people.

Which leads me to my point. What kind of society do we live in where such individuals, (Kyle), are given airtime to voice their nonsensical ill-informed opinions? Have we evolved not one iota? Are our lives, mine included, so trivial, meaningless and void of direction, that such shows are our only way of feeling worthwhile? Has the last forty years of social and economical upheaval got us to the point where social conscience and human empathy are now negated with self-deluded piety?

I fear that we are on a long road, that eventually leads to an end which will serve no social or humane conclusion. My hope is that the Kyles of this world will be placed in a jungle, not to be filmed, but to make sure they can never get near a camera again. And where we, as a society, can return to looking at each other and those less fortunate than ourselves as human beings that need to be respected and aided. Surely that has to be the true human dream?


2 thoughts on “Jeremy Kyle Show

  1. Whats the problem here you mug? you get me m8, theres nothing wrong with my tv programme, im just improving the lives of the people who come on because theyre in such a mess already! what i dont need is some yob like you giving me beef on a blog with your big fancy words trying to make yourself seem smart when youre probably still a virgin and living with your mummy! you should come on my show and see what i do for a living now and maybe youll thonk about saying what you say abput me instead of being snide boring person. dont ask so many questions in your blog, im just doing my best and i doubt you could make a drop of the difference i make so next time you think you need to voice your opinion why dont you think before you speak. im only what you say i am because of the people who come on here… you trying being sain when some of these people come on here and do your head in! im watching you

    • What can I say? You are obviously an erudite individual who dumbs down for the great unwashed masses. My opinion of you and your odious, self-serving, inane show has now changed. You, Mr Kyle, are a worthy member of the inhuman race.

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