Hard Working Families.

Hard working,

never shirking.

The families we espouse.


Under paid,

over played.

The economics of the madhouse.


Nuclear type,

believing the hype.

Those that vote for the Right.


Do as they’re told,

Nectar card to hold.

Early to bed at night.


Filthy mornings.

late night /dawning.

Hating the lazy work-shy.


Pay their bills,

swallow the bitter pills.

Graft until they die.


So vote for Tory,

death and glory.

We’ll rob you as before.


Mindless and numbing,

free thought dumbing.

Work till you are no more.


Hard working folk,

that wear the yoke.

Never to complain or query.


Produce the next generation,

for our rip-off nation.

Never seeing it was all but a theory!


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