This is the Time, the Place, the Now!

When all is lost, or seems to be,

as the clouds fold darkness overhead.

The air thickens like London smog,

a time for heroes shall arrive.

Where the men of oppression march on cobbled streets,

storms will bode yet not come forth.

Thunder will boom just off in the distance,

a place for real men is set in stone.

Through televised blurred eyes the populace will sleep,

deafened to the screams of starvation.

Feelings are only felt by proxy.

This will be the era for the human being.

Blurb from the two tongued politician will nauseate,

as nonsense becomes fact and logic.

Where honesty has no refuge in perceived reality.

This is the time to awake!

All must come to the end.

All must be defied!

Freedom is what we pretend.

We have failed those, who for us, have died!



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