Religion and Ideology!

Atrocious act in the name of god knows what.

Young men murdered through the rhetoric of whom?

In God’s green and pleasant land such things should never be.

Death came to one through the fanatical belief.

But many died in the name of another god.

Thousands have perished in his holy wars.

This being does not live high in the clouds.

He resides in the greed and hatred of those with wealth.

Dear fellow men, revenge for one is never justified,

when many will perish under the drone of the proxy murderers.

As two become three, then four and multiply into infinity;

Will there never be a voice that calls it a lie?

Can we ever espouse, never say die?

The fear and insecurity only allows for more of the same.

Say farewell to humanity and hope,

the end for one, becomes an end for us all. 


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