A Dream?

It came to me in a dream,

it was the look and not the scene.

Nonsense became some form of fact,

as I played my part in the first act.

Childlike naivety gave me false hope,

a mechanism with which to cope.

Through the haze appeared a vista of clarity,

new vision with which to see.

Blood surged throughout my being,

a belief from shackling to freeing.

A man evolving into his own existence,

no longer the fear of cowardly resistance.

What of this dream that made me awaken?

It was the final day when God was forsaken.

As we looked into the dark recess of space,

I saw the beginning of it all without his grace.

For we, as men, saw how it all truly began.

the random beauty of life without a plan.

Now I walk upon the Earth free of a moral yoke,

knowing that life is more precious now, without the need for hell to make me choke! 


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