Staffordshire Hospital

The scandal of this scandal is that no one said boo.

Patients dying, care a mess, someone to blame. Who?

Thirty million spent to see how and why.

Yet money was the reason these poor folk had to die.

Managers off on jollies in the pub and the course.

Nurses under stress, due to a capitalist force.

Those at the top move on to newer and better things.

This is what the market economy happily brings.

The bottom and the middle take the flack.

The decision makers never face the sack.

Cameron stands and apologises for the scandal.

Yet he continues off on the same angle.

More privatisation is on its way.

Now forty seven percent agency. So they say.

If you think this is the last you will see.

Wait a couple of weeks, for there is still plenty.

If we want good care and respect for our folk,

we have to pay and train for it. It shouldn’t be a yoke.

They say it’s unaffordable and no one dare ask why.

Either we change our priorities or many more will have to die.


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