Still Valid

Created by a man and a woman, nothing so strange about that!
Not what wouldn’t be expected in a world where it’s seen as the norm.
Started off my life in the bricked up streets that so many have suffered before.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining about being born.

On an Autumn morn so many years ago I first screamed into life.
We’ve all heard the same, cause it’s how we all came in.
Ate and drank and slept and cried and chuckled and cried some more.
Felt the chill of bitter cold nights, and heard the morning’s industrial din.

To school I was taken, with tears in my eyes and my heart filled with dread.
So many of us now and then and years to come will suffer the same.
We were educated in the ways of the world, or a version anyhow.
Taught that knowledge would give us the edge in the money making game.

Interspersed with sunny days, angry nights and the fear of tomorrow.
We were educated in Maths and English and lessons no one cared for.
The promise of something better, more meaningful was just out of sight.
For the majority of us education and teachers were just a bore.

As Algebra was spouted out and adjectives were explained,
we looked out of the window and dreamt our lives in a different way.
There was not going to be the drudgery suffered by mom and dad.
We would be artists, fools, men and women of happiness and not dismay.

Sex education, we observed, knew nothing of the reality of sex,
and the teacher delivering it had never experienced the pleasure of the act.
When we fell in love it would be for real and we’d never fight,
our married life would be romance and splendor and that was the fact.

Now as I sit alone in the world, my children now adults and flown,
and think of the dreams and the hopes that I held and why they never came true.
I recall it wasn’t because we did not believe it enough or try to make it so.
Only that there were others involved who lied to me and to you.

We had the dreams that we’d cherished from our creative minds,
and taken them out into the world to unite them with that special one.
But we found that there was a war, between us and ourselves,
a battle that we fought and lost and somebody else won!

The lies were not real in the sense that they were ever remotely important,
they didn’t care if we saw the truth only that we saw it alone.
They divided us against ourselves and told us our dreams were foolish,
now they have enslaved our minds and our hopes are gone.

She had spoken first and now I remember her words and the polish to her teeth.
The world was a different place and not how we had thought,
There was to be pain and suffering and poverty brought to bear,
but it would allow for everyone, eventually, to be bought.

Now I wait like the fool I am for my end to give me the out,
I sit and ponder how we all let it get to this and let them in.
The fact is that we are human and we are greater than those that try to rule,
and inevitably humanity, creativity and imagination has to win?


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