NEXT LEFT PART FOUR. A response to the AV debate.

A nice piece but! You are making the assumption that by using AV we will get what we want as opposed to what the money men want. Labour was voted in on FPTP on a landslide and yet we still had Tories running the country. Check the last thirteen years on New Labour and what you see is a far right, (Thatcherite) government that reneged on it’s promises and gave us more ‘Free Market Economics’ than would have ever been tolerated under a  known Tory administration. It’s the political parties we need to change. It’s political choice that we need. AV within the present ‘neo-con’ structure will only mean choosing Tweedle Dee, Dum, Dumber and even more stupid than that. But the outcome will still give us ‘Neo-Cons only with more colours to the puke than the now red, blue and yellow vomit we have at present. As a Point. Under New Labour we had tuition fees, part-privatisation of Post Office, (Check who controls Post Office accounts) yes you got it the nice little American bank our Tony now advises for a million pounds a year. Part privatisation of schools and hospitals. No convinced? PFI means that we are now indebted to private enterprise for all of the new builds in both services. They have control over the land and the amount of rents they wish to charge. What a brilliant idea that was; give away public land in exchange for them building properties that they can then charge us rent on, with the ultimate tied lease agreement that even an idiot wouldn’t sign up for. So how does AV stop the continuous march of the right? It doesn’t. It’s a distraction from the real issue with politics. May be you should use your obvious intelligence to write a piece on how we take back the Labour Party and make it a representative of the people and not a nodding dog to the megalomaniacs and plutocrats of this world.


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