Violence!? March 26 Rally.


UKUncut; Black Bloc; TUC and March 26 Protesters.



Violence: The quality of being violent. Violent: using or tending to use aggressive physical force. Involving physical force. Vehement, passionate, extreme. Vivid, intense.


All the media hype seems to revolve around the splinter groups of anarchist and UK Uncut members. The fact that there was anything over 500,000 other demonstrators seems of little importance to the media and government ministers. Vince Cable, interviewed on the Politics Show, gave one of the greatest displays of dictatorial governance seen since the times of Tony Blair. I quote: “The fact that people are demonstrating against government policy will not alter it in the slightest.” How queer that people demonstrating in Libya not only have our government’s but the entire membership of NATO’s support. He seems to believe in the right of foreign citizens to oust their government but doesn’t like the idea of unarmed democrats telling his government that they don’t agree with and don’t believe their policies to be fair, reasonable, or economically viable.

We must bear in mind that no member of the electorate voted for the policies now being forced upon them. At no time within the election campaign were: Tuition fees mooted with regards to an increase. (On the contrary. His own party garnered votes on the complete opposite. As their manifesto stated: No to tuition fees) Swathes of cuts to the Public Sector jobs, the re-design and ultimate privatisation of the NHS and the sell off of the Post Office and the rape of its pension scheme.


Now we come to the violence. Running battles between 10,000 heavily armed and armoured police officers and a few hundred casually dressed running marauders. There is no debate needed with regards to the vandalism of property, whether that constitutes genuine violence in the way we envisage it is a matter for one’s own cognitive processing. But even if we are to agree that they were violent it seems to me to be a brave tactic against such well organised and heavily equipped police force. To quote from War of the Worlds: ‘Bows and arrows against the lightning.’ UK Uncut were the individuals responsible for occupying Fortnum and Mason and not as was reported by the BBC and other media outlets, Black Bloc. This is where I get to the other sides violence. UK Uncut undertook their usual tactic of demonstration by reading poetry, playing guitars and having a picnic. A demonstration that stayed peaceful throughout the occupation. The police, ultimately exposing the naivety of UK Uncut members, promised them that there would be no interrogation if they left peaceably, which they did. On the outside the police fell back into type and kettled, then arrested everyone on nonsense public order offences.


Black Bloc, showing more cynicism than their anti-tax-avoidance counterparts, kept a dodge and weave tactic going for the best part of the day and night.


So what if there was violence, although as I mentioned above, fighting helmeted, shield carrying, baton wielding police, is going to cause a lot more violence to oneself than to them.


This violence is incomparable with the violence being meted out on the British public. We are living under the sword of Damocles, those lucky enough to have a job, waiting for it to fall and impale us leaving our world shattered and our stomachs empty. This is where the real violence is coming from. A populace, from doctor to street cleaner all destined for the same limbo existence. Communities are and will continue to be decimated by the measures undertaken by this unelected government. (Yes it is unelected) These policies were not voted for, they did not stand on these policies and therefore, we the electorate, were duped into unelecting New Labour; a worthy cause I must emphasise, to be delivered into the furthest right-wing government in western Europe since the Nazi Party.


How do we know that they are that Right-Wing? Because they are intent to privatise or remove as many parts of civil society as they can in the shortest amount of time possible. By this time next year, the NHS will be under EU Competition Law and there will be no turning back the clock. They will be removing hard fought employment rights including, Health and Safety, right to tribunal and the right to compensation. If these aren’t violent acts then I am at a loss to know what is.


Child poverty, lack of opportunity, one of the least mobile societies in Western Europe, high unemployment, welfare cuts, housing cuts, elderly care cuts are just a small sample of a very long list. This is the real violence and as usual our representatives, those that are supposed to protect the public, line up in their hi-vis’s and helmets, batons, CS gas and shields at the ready to do their unconstitutional best and attack the innocent while the fascists, boots polished at the ready trample over a society that was ours. Now it will become a wasteland of missed opportunity and the playground for the rich and perverted.




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