Next Left (The Fabian Society)

Next Left: Neologism – Which means: embarrassed to admit I like the gains of capitalism although I should be ashamed at the cost to others?  Next Left is a front name for the Fabian Society, a Think Tank, (yes where people sit and think about how best to fuck up the rest of our lives) They see themselves as: centre Left. (I have no idea what that means either) I was always under the impression, or delusion, that that was what the Lib-Dems were about. Obviously we all knew they were Tories in yellow jackets, but I assumed that they were the ones who pretended to be ‘centre left’ at election times.

Instead it seems that the Labour party, of which the Fabian Society is the nursery for, is Centre Left. News to me. May be I was living in another Britain, but the past 13 years were nowhere near the centre, and as for left only if they were facing the mirror and raising their right hands.  We have seen right-wing Friedman policies foisted, (not sufficient), imposed, impressed and sledge-hammered  into British society.  We have seen some frighteningly Orwellian legislation flashed through Parliament, civil liberties trampled under the boot of  ‘free-market economics’ and a tightening of the noose around the throat of democracy and free determination.

Centre-left Labour, would have, and there is no doubt about this, brought ID cards and all their cost and ineffectuality down to bear on the British Public. That, surely, isn’t centre left by anyone’s definition. This same party, allowed the privatisation of education and health, through the much lauded but never applauded Private Finance Initiative (PFI); something, we and our children will be paying for,  for the rest of our days.

My point is this: We need to take back the term Left. Remove it from the deluded Right. It may help to get to sleep to pretend to be left when you’re are so evidently right, but that distracts real thinkers of the left from getting the genuine point across. Intelligentsia may have been the original spark for Left thinking, but again this may be due to them being allowed a public voice, but they can not be the conclusion for a real Left party and government. Socialism must be taken back by genuine socialists and workers and not cosseted, life ignorant toffs, that feel a little bit better about their cosy lives if they can pretend they are thinking about the poor and subjugated. Where they can ignore the dissonance of their lifestyle in contrast to their reported political views, by joining a Think Tank and calling it ‘centre-left!’, then lead the populace down their cul-de-sac of inevitable self-advancement, whilst making sure the poor are poorer and the middle-classes end up with bigger tax bills than they started with.

New Labour anyone? Centre-left – only in a perverse parallel universe.

I will return to this matter sooner rather than later. We will find true and original Left thinkers, but sadly I fear, not in New Labour and not in its Grow Bag, The Fabian Society.


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