Benefits Someone? (via poems of the day)

It amazes me that this Cuntalition government has made it quite clear they will attack everyone in society with the exception of the rich and we all seem to follow along regardless. What did we promise our children? What was promised to our Grand parents? It’s the way we are being sold ‘the no choice’ option as if it’s true. It isn’t and never has been. After WW2 our deficit was 200% GDP, at present we have a maximum of 60%, more than manageable. Is the difference now that we don’t have a million men who would cut the government’s throat if it didn’t honour previous commitments? This Government made similar promises, even to the degree of sticking to New Labour spending plans; these have all been reneged on. As for the Liberals. as my Father used to say: Vote Liberal get Tory, he was right. They have formed an unholy alliance and sold everyone of their supporters, no not true, (Law’s and Clegg’s pals in the banking system have been left very well off thank you), down the river. Osborne shouts that he’ll make the bankers accountable. To whom? What he omits to say is that he will make the bankers accountable to themselves, and they are. They’re all making a good living off selling our debt, that we have developed bailing them out, and not bailing us out or our economy.
So the poem is a tongue-in-cheek perspective on what I feel the Con-Dem-All Government thinks of us all.

We need to catch those cheats, the ones that think taxpayers money is theirs. We need to link up credit agencies with those individuals who have indexes and shares. Grayling, you fool, that's not what we meant, they're not the poor and oppressed. We need to stop this culture of ¬†indolence and people being handout reliant. We need to rein in the scrounging royals and become more republic compliant. Grayling, you fool, that's not what we meant, the … Read More

via poems of the day


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