Quote of the day: If people are forced off benefits and have to look for low paid work, historically it emerges. Howard Davies re-FSA

Never before in the history of human endeavour has such an inane, offensive, idiotic, imbecilic, arrogant, self-possessed statement ever been made. (It was spoken on: The Daily Politics Show,[29/06/2010]) A statement that bears no historical reality. a statement that is tantamount to arrogance in the extreme. This from a man, who was paid by the organisations he was supposed to investigate and supervise, ( he did a cracking job on that.) He has the temerity to discuss economics when he couldn’t see the largest financial crisis in 60 years screaming towards him like a wild banshee. I for one saw it coming miles back, as did anyone over five who could count.

Why am I so peeved  by what he has said? It’s because he represents the idiocy of the ideology we are having to live within. God has just walked into the room and told everyone that he doesn’t exist. Yet still they continue down the line of following the same old same old. The bankers brought us to collapse, not the brink of collapse; we are in the age of collapse where borrowing is outstripping production, where profits are being made without commodities, where wealth is removed from countries and squirrelled away into meaningless funds that have to be linked back to the debt that its removal has just created. More wealth is then removed and squirrelled away until the entire collapse is inescapable. (See virtually every African and South American nation…. the list goes on) But God still exists or he doesn’t, it doesn’t matter. The machine must be fed and fed it will be by every muscle and sinew of the populous, minus the likes of our Howard Davies.

To say, the lie must go on, is to give these people the credit of intelligence, this isn’t a lie it’s what they believe, it’s what they were bred to believe. The system has always been this way and must always be this way. It will work eventually, they proselytise, and we are dragged back into another round of Theory Economics, also known as Economics.. The major problem at present, is that their own belief system has seen dissonance and now they have to try and hide from it for fear of permanent psychological harm. Howard has started his own defence by the use of nonsensical values and invented history.

The Great Depression did not finish because of an increase in low paid work, and I’m not going to bother explaining Keynesian theory with regards to this, but through the New Deal of Roosevelt employment increased, there was a blip with the introduction of a coalition Conservative Government in 1937 (a portend may be?) but what really removed the recession was massive investment, by the rich, in the form of war bonds and the release of credit facilities. In truth, Monetarism and Free Market economics have never brought a country, let alone a world out of recession, wars and the investment of countries within their own industrial and economic infrastructures  have pushed the country and the ‘world’ (1) out of recession. But for Howard to argue from this perspective would be to deny God, although God had been more than happy to deny himself. For Howard, Osbourne, Clegg, Cameron and their ilk there is only one God, regardless as to what God himself knows and therefore all manner of nonsense and bunkum must be used to push ever forward into the abyss of idiocy, death, poverty and the uselessness of humanity, in fear of facing their own demons and accepting that Mommy and Daddy lied when they told them they were born to rule the world; that God had ordained that they should rule the world.

There are two options left open to our Howard and I can already see the one he is choosing: 1) would be to accept the economic model doesn’t work and to revise his perspective, or 2) accept the increase in poverty and deprivation that his and the Chancellor’s belief system see as necessary for the ‘recovery’ and lay back in their nice homes, in their warm beds, whilst children are sold to perverts and beasts and wives are sold to all. Where men and women hang off a clothes lines to sleep, where children can be hung for stealing bread,  mortality and morbidity merge into one meaning, teenagers shoot each other for the chance to be a drug dealer and those with wealth employ an army of servants and guards and move around under permanent fear of murder and kidnap.

Welcome to the meaningless and the mundane, welcome to the world of real pain!

(1): The term world, which is what is used within the political speak of this era isn’t entirely true. Some countries were less affected by the banking collapse than others, Brazil and Argentina went through their respective financial crashes some years past and decided to re-finance themselves, much to the disdain of the IMF and World Bank, both are doing rather nicely thank you. Cuba, although suffering from an almost sixty year trade embargo has not been affected either. In fact, the countries that have been affected are those that exposed themselves to the economics that are still being promoted by our government today. Those that kept regulations and standards are not suffering the same adverse effects. (America and the UK, for political and egotistical reasons, like to call their recessions global, even when they aren’t).


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