Higher Education Cuts


Higher Education Cuts

Have you been sucked into the con? Cuts in education or expansion in education spending are meaningless. At least with cuts the obvious lack of merit is easier to define, yet this too matters not. The majority of the population need no great expansion in their debt burden and that today, due to New Labour’s tuition fees, is the case. What this reduction in higher education spending will do, is to reduce the pension provision and salaries of lecturers. The expansion and further privatisation of Student loans and Fees would have come regardless of the party, (parties?) in power. Higher education will now look like a more desirable and meritorious wish and the theft of millions from the budget will make little difference to the uptake of courses or the massive debt that comes with them. Cuts were coming if New Labour were elected, the lie was that they weren’t coming this year, they were. Brown would have done a Clegg with cuts, as quick as Blair did a Thatcher with tuition fees. We can complain all we like about why the cuts are here and where the cuts will be, but cuts are cuts and its always some poor fuck with a family that feels the cut and not the nut with the knife that made it. This was inevitable and it’s only the beginning. Try not to romantacise about New Labour, they were and are no different to what we have now. The sad irony is: Brown should have known better. He was, or so he said he was at the time, a Socialist. The fact that he sold his values and his country for a brief visit to power, in some way makes him worse than the under-educated, over-simplified, self-absorbed morons we have now. Clegg and Cam are doing what they were born to believe in, they know that Daddy and Wifey want the game unfair and so do their very rich and selfish friends. As good lads they do what is right for their people. New Labour robbed and conned and connived and murdered millions of their own people and would have continued if they’d been re-elected. No. I sit here, unemployed again. I have re-skilled, re-educated and still I am tossed back on the dole. My Labour party did this to me not the wretched, self-serving Tories, with their spoilt brat of a partner, that they will eventually have placed in Social-Services Care, because he wouldn’t do as he was told; because he was a bad child who did nasty things to his siblings when he hurt and conned them into supporting Daddy David and his ‘New Progressive Politics’. Give me the devil I know, so I can watch the next wave of redundancies and the next generation of Under-class and their ghettos rise and I can say: ” This is what the Tories do. This is what I expect them to do. The world is sane again. The madness that has been New Labour is gone; the blinkered population and blind political commentators can now see again. No longer are we the rampant rats scurrying to our deaths, with the promise of a better world, played on the Piper’s flute, deceiving our wishfully deluded minds as the tune becomes mute by the rush of rapids and one-by-one we are swept down stream to our metaphoric deaths.


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