Jobseekers, I Mean, They Don’t Want to Work!


Can some one please help me? I am sick to death of hearing the same old moronic rant, from individuals who have been given the right to vote, (I wonder whether they should have been given the right to leave their house alone). “I mean,” as they always start. “Wouldn’t it be? I mean. I’m sick of paying my taxes to pay people to doss on the dole. I mean. They don’t want to work! Couldn’t we make them work for their benefits like they do in America?” The fact that there seems to be a correlation between ‘welfare to work’ and the decline in lower income reliable work, doesn’t seem to dissuade these morons. Probably because the words ‘fact’ and ‘there seems’ are beyond their reasoning and understanding. “I mean. Why should I pay my taxes so somebody else can sit around all day? I mean. They don’t want to work! Some people don’t want to get a job. I mean. Why can’t they clean the streets or do community work?” What we’re going to do with the people who already clean the streets no one seems to know. “I mean. They could help clean the canals or graffiti.” What we do with the people who make a living at doing this no one seems to know.

There is a very serious point to this kind of right-wing rhetoric and believe it or not, a lot of what is being raised is coming into legislation. The government’s, the incumbent and whatever we get next, flagship answer to ‘those that don’t want to work,’ is The Flexible New Deal, (It just rolls off the tongue). This comprises of some private company taking over the responsibility for Jobseekers and their job seeking. Where as, in years gone by, Jobseekers went to the benefit office to sign on and look for work, they now go and sign on, look for work and then get sent to somewhere miles from where they sign on to sit down with an under paid individual who will ‘help them to find a job’ . The clincher, the bit that the right-wing moron will like, is that they have to work for four weeks out of the year for their benefits. The reasoning for this, or so it it reported, is to afford the Jobseeker some work experience. All well and good you may say. Here’s the bugbear, these placements will not necessarily be within the field of the ‘Lesser Spotted Jobseeker’s’ experience or profession, but may be in and usually are in, menial work, such as shelf stacking and box packing. The amount of these new openings is growing at an exponential rate, strange when one knows that we are in the worst recession for, and I quote Alistair Darling, ’60 years.’ Work can be found for the unemployed, or so it seems, but only if the tax payer, even the one’s that say; ‘I mean’ a lot, is willing to pay for it. The numbers of Jobseekers that have found long-term employment through the Flexible New Deal, is not showing a positive upturn. Without question it is not showing value for money, but it may keep the ‘I mean’s’ happy and that probably counts for something.

What’s interesting about this entire scenario is that the tax payer that resents the unemployed is only a weeks notice from being unemployed themselves. Why would anyone want to wish servitude on another person and moreover on themselves? The Jobseeker, is the ex-employee, the tax payer, stamp payer, that paid for the benefit that he/she is receiving, yet the ‘I mean’ crowd seem to miss this. Wouldn’t it be better to demand of one’s government that everyone should be given an inalienable right to have employment and to be able to contribute to society. That to obligate employers to employ for the betterment of society will in the long-term reduce unemployment and afford everyone the opportunity to say: “I pay my taxes and I expect my taxes to be used for my society and not to be paid to privateers who will take my money out of my country and cause a recession. A recession, where I will become a fool and blame my fellow workers for not having a job, although they worked loyally and diligently, but as soon as the word recession was used their employer took the opportunity and closed the factory and bunked off to China. Leaving them, their family and many millions like them, too struggle on below poverty income, to be belittled and intimidated by morons because there isn’t any work and what little work there is, is taken up by migrants, because they’re the only ones who can afford to work for the wages, or by poor sods like themselves who are working there for free, rotating with others, for one month of the year.”


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