A Hung Parliament is a Good Idea!

A reasonable position if we assume that the three are not one. If their differences are masked by their similarities then we are left with a deceptively undemocratic government. In Germany as well as many other European countries, coalition governments are exactly that with the Greens debating with the Socialists and the right-wing Christians hanging out with the ‘Democrats’. In this way certain legislation and policy doctrines become watered down. Here this may not be so. If we look at the three main parties, the reason that the Lib-Dems have come to the fore, is that there isn’t any real light between the Tories and New Labour, therefore people are looking for choice. I think the rise in theLIB-DEMs has more to do with the electorate lookiing for a new economic direction rather than a new way of politics. Labour were elected in 1997 because people wanted real change, sadly they ended up with more of the same and a bit more on top. (Tuition Fees would never have been tolerated if Major had tried to implement them). At present the major debate is,  when cuts are to come: this year, next year, in another two years, all are going to cut and all are going to cut deep. People are scared of losing their jobs and somehow Clegg’s rant about fairer taxes and a fairer society takes away some of the pain that people are feeling. Fundamentally, human beings are Socialist by default, and what they listen for is the one who talks of fairness, the rest of what he says is very unfair and punishing, but due to our low levels of concentration and even lower levels of intellect, we miss the rest of his message. All we can discern, within our panicked, stressed addled mind is that he is different, a new party, so he must be preaching what we want to hear. We want fairness and he has mentioned it on many occassions, the fact that Blair used the same con-trick doesn’t matter, we are eternal optimists and we want a fair and just society. What we’ll end up with. if we’re luck,y is proportional representation, although that’ll only work in a tri-partite way, eventually developing into a splurge on the windscreen of blood and guts, which will drip down to form a bloody mess of  neo-liberal no choice government and constitution.


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