Us and Them

I didn’t watch the debate, for a number of reasons, but mainly because it was on Sky. I’d prefer to gouge my eyes out with a blunt spoon than give that man a penny of my pennies. It seems neither did too well and no one faired badly. That was to be expected. Last week, people saw that there was an alternative, the fact that it’s not much of an alternative didn’t seem to matter. For thirty-plus years they have been told that there was no alternative to the system, within which, they have been made to suffer. That it is God designed and as inevitable as them paying too much tax and getting robbed in old age. (By Muggers but more than likely by Their Government). Then the eureka moment occurred and a smarmy, if amiable man, was presented to them as an alternative. Wow, the great gasp, sucked in sufficient air to pull the ash clouds from a volcano in Iceland. I feel what they wanted him to say, and  think heard him say was: ‘This is not about you any more, you’re not the ones at fault for fucking up the economy. No it doesn’t have to fuck up, we just have to stop letting rich greedy people help themselves to our money. I mean you wouldn’t leave a drug addict in charge of the pharmacy.’ He didn’t say any of it, but people thought that he did. Now he will merge into the amalgam of suited bastards and we’ll have a hung parliament. Yet, with the exception of Trident, a policy the Americans wont allow to be changed, he’s the same as the others. Eventually what we end up with is, a House of Commons with a unanimous mandate of neo-liberal economic viewpoints. Sadly. My initial hope for some form of democratic change has brought me to the conclusion, that what we are seeing is phase three, in the endless march to a fascist world. Being poor is scary at present, soon it’s going to be hell too. Out there somewhere there has to be an alternative; individuals with the intelligence and integrity to give us what we really want. I know what I want and I think it’s the same for the majority: a fair society where everyone has the right to work and to engage within society, where having a home is a right and not a privilege or a yoke, that to treat each other fairly and decently is a given, that we all pay our share and get a return that is fair and equitable. Most people, as far as I can see, expect to treat people right and be treated right. That can never happen within a system designed to make a few very rich and the rest to be their workers and customers. We know it doesn’t work, because we’re living in it, and it’s still we, the customers, the workers, that are paying and will always pay for the few to have the lot!