A Worker’s Right to Strike.

 I was watching the Andrew Marr show on Sunday morning, (sad I know) What amazed me was Lord Adonis and his attack on the Cabin crew members of British Airways, (yes that is the carrier that we, the British public once owned). We can argue the point forever whether we were sold short on the deal or whether we were lied to or misled with regards to the benefits of Privatisation – benefits that seemed to have disappeared into the ether in relation to ‘profits’ and pensions. What astounded me about his interview was the way he was allowed to call their action, (BA cabin crew members) outrageous. I know that our Andrew is the modern version of Frost, but surely he should have stepped in and reminded the unelected Minister, that his government has said on numerous occasions, when it is the management that is laying waste to peoples livelihoods and standards of living, that it is not for them to get involved in commercial affairs. BA is a commercial entity and its industrial relations, therefore, are of no concern to his government. We then have the Prime Minister, on Monday morning, reiterating this vitriolic attack on a persons right to withdraw his labour with regards to a dispute with his employer. Again, the reporter did not find it of any worth to remind the Prime Minister of his position on matters of commerciality. How strange, how queer. To compound the issue further, Unite, the largest union involved with its members in this dispute, is also a major contributer to the New Labour Party. If I were BA cabin crew, not only would I withdraw my labour from BA, but I would also withdraw my donations to the union until it broke its links with a party that has shown scant disregard for trade union rights and values. Tony Woodley is then interviewed on the television stating that certain Ministers were mistaken in their views. Jesus H Christ! Tony the only words out of your mouth should have been, ” and yes we are withdrawing our funding from New Labour.” At least Lord Ashcroft gets a good return from his investment into the Conservative Party. Unite members, I fear, are paying to get stabbed in the back. Yet, I feel our Tony may still get his Knighthood, even if his members and probably because his members will end up on the dole!


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