Steel Has No Deal

So the Tory government refuses to support the steel industry in the UK. So what? This is globalisation at its finest. Where pauper economies out perform developed nations on the basis of poverty wages and substandard working practices. But no matter. This is the nature of Oligarchy Capitalism.

Bailing out banks is an inevitability. That’s where the oligarchs hoard their money. Not in the idiot banks that we save our meagre earnings in, but in protected banks in tax havens such as Switzerland. The true capital of the world. But, and it’s a major but, without the pretence of retail banks and their deception of value to currency, the billionaires stash would devalue to zero at the click of a mouse.

Commodities are collapsing the world over yet the banks are still protected. If you do the maths it explains that the entire world economy has been hijacked for the gratification of greedy megalomaniacs. Once commodities collapse, instinct should tell you that productivity and genuine wealth creation has collapsed. In almost all ‘developed economies’ deflationary pressure is at the brink of breaking point. We are not creating, building or manufacturing a better future. We are systematically being robbed of ours and our children’s future. No worries though. Property prices are still rising counter to wages and living standards.

These same banks are taking our tax money and creaming it off to their offshore accounts. The only growth in lending is through mortgages. This is very dangerous. Simply put: If business isn’t borrowing it isn’t investing in the future, it isn’t adding value to the economy through the creation of well paid jobs and a better infrastructure. Conversely, mortgage growth retracts genuine growth, as the gap between earnings and the expense of property grows wider. The housing boom eventually creates its own collapse, as entry to the market becomes more and more punitive. There is either a need for wage inflation or a decrease in house inflation to counteract this issue. Sadly the latter increases the chances of another banking system failure. Which in turn creates a new recession or depression depending on how hard it hits you and your family.

This is the path that the Tory government as placed us on. Austerity is the means by which this government tries to delay the inevitable. By cutting government expenditure through the privatisation of its assets it attempts to fix the books. Using fire sales of massively undervalued assets it gives the impression that it is creating wealth. In truth, all it is actually doing is delaying a greater debt burden onto the populace as the privatised assets demand greater and greater value for their criminally gained civic portfolios.


Jeremy Kyle Show

I know it is rather sad of me, but I have found myself watching the Jeremy Kyle Show, (repeats as they appear). I know that he is a narcissistic ego maniac, yet this isn’t what irks me. I am saddened by the state of his subjects, guests or whatever he describes them as. Not at the triviality, banality of the issues raised, but by the underlying problems that these people seem to reflect.

 The people he attacks, dehumanises, vilifies and undermines are fodder for ratings. Yet surely they should be more than this? His exaggerations over the purported Lie Detector tests aside (I stand be my test one million percent) there seems to be no closure for these people. What social purpose can this ‘show’, I suppose Freak Show would be more appropriate, really serve? 

 As for Graham, the reported counsellor, he upsets me most. This individual is supposed to be a trained professional, as opposed to Jeremy, who would fail at the label of being a trained monkey, yet he allows, if not assists, in letting Right Wing Jeremy attack these poor people.

Which leads me to my point. What kind of society do we live in where such individuals, (Kyle), are given airtime to voice their nonsensical ill-informed opinions? Have we evolved not one iota? Are our lives, mine included, so trivial, meaningless and void of direction, that such shows are our only way of feeling worthwhile? Has the last forty years of social and economical upheaval got us to the point where social conscience and human empathy are now negated with self-deluded piety?

I fear that we are on a long road, that eventually leads to an end which will serve no social or humane conclusion. My hope is that the Kyles of this world will be placed in a jungle, not to be filmed, but to make sure they can never get near a camera again. And where we, as a society, can return to looking at each other and those less fortunate than ourselves as human beings that need to be respected and aided. Surely that has to be the true human dream?

Bloody Wether It’s Rotten Weather?!

Rain and winds batter the coast,

Somerset seems to be having the most.

As the news reports with convinced assertion.

The locals are experiencing incompetent Government


The country on the verge of collapse due to

the wind and rain.

Seems we repeat incompetence again and again and again.

Could be due to climate change or probably just the weather.

Either way, what we know, is that our leaders aren’t very clever.